An offering for continued work toward a world filled with more justice, healing and compassion.


Inhale, Exhale, Repeat: Self, Community and Movement Healing Workshop

Being someone who is regularly impacted by one or multiple forms of structural oppression, involved in movement work directly connected to one of your identities, or working with passionate advocates in social justice spaces can sometimes be a lot. Heavy. A whirlwind of emotions. Fiery. Exhausting.

Often, we look at self-care from an independent, personal lens. It’s crucial that we care for ourselves to not only be able to keep doing the work, but to keep living as our most fierce and unapologetic selves.  Resistance through existence in itself is movement work.

We also look at self-care as something that is not for us, or that we don’t have time or money to access.  We sometimes feel shame in asking for help, for time, for space.  But asking is revolutionary in a society that prizes silence.

However, if we expand on this idea we can see that resiliency and self-healing practices can also serve others in a time of need and the community at large; when trauma grips a community or a person feels alone in their pain, holding space can be a radical form of justice.

Western Society often values intellectual spaces and when we stay in our heads, in both the struggle and the victory, we deny ourselves the ability to feel. We therefore condition the body (and community bodies) to deny the full spectrum of our experiences.

This session, built in collaboration with your collective / organization / business / community / self, will provide space for healing, nourishing, and grounding through a combination of strategies which may include: yoga, breathwork, meditation, ritual work, self-care action planning, and intention setting - all rooted in the ancestral and indigenous practices of the facilitators.  We hope that through our offerings we can bring deeper awareness of self, with the acknowledgement that we must move together, as a community, as a healthy collective, if we are to find success and liberation. As a community organizes and heals together, we can sustain the movement until we are liberated.

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About the Facilitators


Blair here!  Born and bred in Southwest Baltimore, I’m a Black Queer radical healer and justice activist with over 10 years of experience in youth organizing and intersectional advocacy.  My knowing and growing around healing work came from a countless number of muses and mentors, and sharpened the healing modalities I use - tarot, ritual, movement, and ancestor work - rooted in West African spiritualities.  Coming from a long line of empaths and everyday activists, I seek to create spaces where those of us engaged in resistance through our existence can find nourishment in the many ways we already care for ourselves and our communities.  I work in both adolescent health and racial justice via STAR TRACK and Baltimore Racial Justice Action, and provide tarot readings via Alight Baltimore.

To liberation.

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Ikaika, here! Originally from Honolulu, Hawai’i, I’ve been doing social justice work for the last 10 years in education, environment, queer and trans work and racial justice. I discovered yoga upon arrival in New York City and incorporated the breath to guide the connection of the mind, the body and the spirit. I take inspiration the land and water that I was raised in, my ancestors and culture to guide my spiritual and healing practice. I’m a firm believer in a “come as you are” approach to both healing and facilitation work. I’m a yoga teacher at Sacred Sounds Yoga in NYC and a program manager at GLSEN. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned over the course of my time as an organizer, program manager, teacher and healer. I share with love and aloha and always strive to give gratitude to those teachers that have come before me/us.