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Ongoing Workshop Offering: Inhale, Exhale, Repeat: Self, Community and Movement Healing

Being someone who is regularly impacted by one or multiple forms of structural oppression, involved in movement work directly connected to one of your identities, or working with passionate advocates in social justice spaces can sometimes be a lot. Heavy. A whirlwind of emotions. Fiery. Exhausting.

This session, built in collaboration with your collective / organization / business / community / self, will provide space for healing, nourishing, and grounding through a combination of strategies which may include: yoga, breath work, meditation, ritual work, self-care action planning, and intention setting - all rooted in the ancestral and indigenous practices of the facilitators.  We hope that through our offerings we can bring deeper awareness of self, with the acknowledgement that we must move together, as a community, as a healthy collective, if we are to find success and liberation. As a community organizes and heals together, we can sustain the movement until we are liberated.